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OMG which one is right? Traditional Method vs. Transfer Method

Hey pals,

A wine educator contacted me from Italy wanting to have some clarification (har har) about whether or not riddling and disgorgement happens with the TRANSFER METHOD (aka TANK METHOD) when it comes to bubbly.  

I think that yes, definitely.  She thinks that no, definitely not.   

She could be right, I could be right, I don't know!  I would like to know for the goodness of sparkling wine.  

Tank/transfer method bottles get riddled don't they?  And then disgorged into a tank?

Ack! Someone ask their local Chef de Cave and find out!

I will update the diagram to be correct.  Here are the conflicting diagrams: 

  • When I researched this question when looking to produce a Moscato-style wine for a California winery, the producers in Italy I asked said that there was no bottling until the wine was fully clarified and filtered under pressure into pressurized tanks and then into bottle - all under equal pressure so there was no loss of carbonation into the tank or bottle. This is of course vital for Moscato-style wines, where any excess yeast contact (including riddling time) would take away from the fresh characters desired in this style. For other styles of transfer method wines, I am not sure, though the expense of bottling under pressure a tank-fermented sparkling wine in order to riddle it seems a bit at odds with some of the value associated with transfer method styles.
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