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2015 Salary Survey Results

The results are in for the 2015 GuildSomm Salary Survey. Thank you to all who participated!

  • With all respect, is a huge insult that female sommeliers are still earning less than their male colleagues. I've never had such discrimination in Italy and since I've relocated to Australia in 2012,   I've got the Csm certified and Wset Diploma at the first go while working 50 hours a week. Currently I'm the Head Sommelier for one of the most important Chef in Australia. Now,tell me, why should I deserve to be pay less than a man?? Again, this is a pure no-sense discrimination, and unfortunately is not the only sector where women have to struggle just because they are not men....The system

    is wrong and need to change and

    foremost take example from those

    countries where incomes are equale for everyone.

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