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2015 Salary Survey Results

The results are in for the 2015 GuildSomm Salary Survey. Thank you to all who participated!

  • We make sure to only put out the data that we think is statistically significant.

    We do collect information on region but the data pretty much looks the same across the US. The bigger discrepancy is market size; next year we will add that to the survey. (North East is the same as West, but NYC is very different from Providence, RI)

    As far as gender and years of experience, we thought the same thing that someone commented. Unfortunately, the discrepancy in gender was consistent across all three survey options for years of experience. The reason we started listing median income by gender last year was to bring attention to the discrepancy.
  • Geoff thank you for the clarification, I'm sure the more awareness, as Guildsomm is doing, the faster this can be corrected. As a first time participant, I was unaware of the history survey and the why of its changes.

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