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Vino de Pago DO-how many, officially?

Can anyone confirm how many official Pago DO's there are right now? This site lists 14 but another site lists 15 and another lists 17. I have emailed Wines of Spain USA and have attempted to contact the Agricultural Ministry, but I am not having any luck...

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  • To clarify - Grandes Pagos de Espana has 30 members within their producer's association and is not affiliated with the DO Pago system.

    Currently the DO Pagos number at 14 ... Chozas Carrascal, Vera de Estenas and Finca Boladin have not been approved by Madrid yet.  Lots of useful information on this in the comments section of the DO Pago page in the compendium.

    There are currently 6 that are members of both.

    Decanter has a good article about the differences (another great one which explains how to become a GPE member is here), but to muddle things even further the term pago can also refer to a brand name or vineyard