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If You Read Anything This Week: Wine News 9.9.2016

New Masters of Wine: On Monday, 13 new Masters of Wine were announced! Among them is the first MW in India, Sonal Holland. These new MWs bring the worldwide total to 358 Masters of Wine across 28 countries. [Decanter]

Kevin Zraly Looks Ahead: With Kevin Zraly’s final Windows Wine School course planned for this fall, Grape Collective reflects on his history, tremendous influence on America’s wine culture, and plans for the future. Zraly assures us that he is not retiring. Rather, he plans to continue updating his book, teaching at Sherry-Lehmann Wine & Spirits, and lecturing, as well as working on more books and holding pop-up classes. [Grape Collective]

Whole Bunches in Bordeaux: Winemakers in Bordeaux have begun experimenting with whole bunch vinification, which until recently they avoided due to the high level of pyrazines (and thus, an often-prominent vegetal flavor already present) in Merlot, Cabernet Franc, and Cabernet Sauvignon. Experimenting with anywhere from 1 to 45% stems, winemakers are finding increased elegance, salinity, and freshness in some of these wines. Key players include consultants Stéphane Derenoncourt and Nicolas Thienpont. [Decanter]

MS Brains: A recent study found that in the brains of Master Sommeliers, the areas vulnerable to Alzheimer’s and Parkinson’s are thicker than those of a test group. It is still just speculation that this thickness guards against these diseases. At the least, scientists are encouraged by the finding that these areas of the brain have plasticity. [New York Post]

Bidding Farewell to Margrit Mondavi: Jancis Robinson shares her memories of Margrit Mondavi, who passed away on September 2. Robinson recalls her personality, intelligence, passion, and hospitality, noting that she was “a civilizing influence on the whole wine industry.” []

Premier Cru Inventory Sold: Bankrupt California retailer Premier Cru’s 79,000-bottle inventory was auctioned off to Spectrum, an auction firm, for $3.6 million. The proceeds, after expenses, will go to 4,450 former Premier Cru customers. No announcement has been made regarding the potential sale of the wine. [Wine Spectator]

What do you think?

What sort of projects (books, lectures, or otherwise) would you be excited to see from Kevin Zraly?

What do you think of the experimentation with whole bunch winemaking in Bordeaux? Do you think this will last, or is it just a passing fad?

Anyone out there who was part of the MS brain study? If so, we'd love to hear what this process was like!

How have you witnessed the impact of Margrit Mondavi on Napa Valley?

What are your thoughts on the ongoing Premier Cru saga?

What else have you been reading this week?