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AMPELOS certification in Champagne

Does anyone know details about this style of somewhat-organic certification in Champagne?  I know from producer information that they are basically an organization that holds the members accountable to certain standards of lutte raisonee but then also allows them a loophole of using synthetic herbicides/ pesticides once a year for an emergency-style situation, but can not find a website or more details other than that...

  • Vilmart has some stuff on their website, though I'm sure you've seen that. It seems to come across as "sustainable viticulture". It seems to have been around for a while (I found one article where a producer joined in 1996). Far out, never read about this until today.
  • Yeah, I cannot find a site dedicated to the certification either.

    From Vilmart;
    "Fully respecting the AMPELOS technical reference, our philosophy requires us to only use organic conditioner, to plough vineyards and to mow grass that grows naturally in our roads of vines and finally the use of alternative technical solutions to preserve environment and natural biodiversity. "

    From Becky Wasserman
    "I had never heard about Ampelos prior to visiting Gerbais. As far as I know, it is favored by a group of champagne growers that also includes Laurent Champs of Vilmart. And as far as I understand it, Ampelos is organic but for one loophole, one shock chemical treatment, but one per year only, and only if necessary to save the entire crop. Perhaps it is then more accurate not to describe Ampelos as organic but as a stringently codified lutte raisonnée, even if it is organic until one uses the loophole. The Gerbais have never used it."