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Bordeaux winery visit recommendations

Has anyone visited the major areas in Bordeaux... I am planning a wine trip bordeaux but want to set my expectation correctly... Getting into the some of the 1st growth's Chateaus and what to expect..So any help if anyone has been on any kind of education trip to bordeaux could share would be great... Looking for great estates but also good hospitality fun and iconic :)

  • St. Emilion is a can't miss. I really loved visiting Chateau Coutet in St. Emilion Grand Cru, which has some amazing history. Also, Bordeaux city is beautiful and I recommend allotting some time to explore the city itself.
  • Talk with your suppliers about places to visit, oftentimes they can get you into places you are interested in, provided you sell their wines or have a good relationship with the importer/distributor. Or at the very least, just point you in the right direction.
  • Agree with Jaime: the town of St. Emilion is worth checking out. Give yourself at least a couple hours to walking through the town. The town is built on a steep decline with slick streets, so make sure you're wearing shoes with some grip. I saw at least two tourists eat cobblestone while walking through the town. Also, the view at the top of the bell-tower is worth the climb to the top.

    Of all the winery visits, my highlights were Lynch-Bages and Palmer. LB featured a small museum of their traditional winemaking equipment, and a tour of the Palmer estate includes a walk through the historical village built on the premises. If you go to Lynch-Bages, I'd encourage you to coordinate a lunch at their Michelin-starred restaurant, Cordeillan-Bages. The prixe-fixe meal we enjoyed there was definitely one of the gastronomic highlights. If you want a meal with a little less flare, visit Le Lion d'Or and save room for their canelés.

    If I could offer you any advice, it would be to balance your visits to big-name Chateaux with a visit or two to smaller producers. Selecion Massale and Kermit Lynch both rep some quality BDX producers that are a little off the beaten track. With so many high-end wineries working with Michel Rolland as a consultant/oenologist, I began to get a little deja-vu.

    Aside from wineries, I really enjoyed a side-trip to Soulac-Sur-Mer. Depending on the time of the year that you're traveling, the beach is incredibly picturesque. Decent seafood joints pepper the town, and there's a solid food market right across from their tourism office.

    And to concur with Jaime again, BDX is definitely worth visiting. From what I was told by the locals, the city was notoriously shabby but went through a fair amount of renovation. Taking a stroll down the boardwalk is a great way to view in the city's architecture and street culture. The biggest manifestation of the city's facelift is the Museum of Wine, which opened this past year. From the anthropological standpoint, the museum does a pretty solid job of presenting the "world of wine." For restaurants in BDX , I'd recommend an artery-clogging trip to La Tupina. Traditional, unpretentious Southwestern grub.

  • Thanks this is the exact information i was looking for!