Chicago's Kendall College Wine Professional Program- Intermediate Level 2 (Wine Steward) Course - March 19, 2019

Sommelier Classes, Levels & Certifications

Kendall College's wine professional program is designed for certification-seeking individuals who are looking to solidify their foundational and/or advanced knowledge and skills while validating their existing wine and beverage capabilities. We take a dynamic, learner-centered approach that involves a contemporary-driven and rigorous curriculum for the wine and beverage enthusiast and food and beverage professionals.

Participants are engaged in relevant content, including exercises and exhaustive tastings that challenge them to acquire a complex skill-set that they can put into practice. Included at each level is a food pairing component that expands the participants knowledge and skills relative to pairing wine with food.

Individuals that should participate include:

  • Wine enthusiasts, students and entry-level individuals starting out in the food and beverage industry
  • Wine merchants, vendors, distributors, etc.
  • Restaurant professionals (F&B directors, wine managers, sommeliers) who want to be sommelier certified


Intermediate Level II – Wine Steward


This intermediate course builds upon the students’ introductory knowledge and skill of wine through applying greater depth and critical thinking skills as it relates to sensory analysis, wine and advanced food pairing, sparkling and fortified wine while being immersed into the most significant wine producing locations. This course explores the New World and Old World wine regions by looking at the impact of geological events, the importance of topographical markers and the influence of climatic factors and vinification techniques on the grapes and ultimately the wine in the glass.


Upon completion of Wine Steward II, the trainees will have achieved the following outcomes:

  1. Sensory AnalysisDemonstrate advanced systematic technique for the sensory evaluation of wine
  2. Food PairingDescribe and demonstrate advanced principles of the analytical wine and food pairing approach
  3. New WorldSummarize the geographic, geological, and climatic attributes regarding the major New World wine producing areas (California, Washington, Oregon, New Zealand, Australia, Chile, Argentina and South Africa) and their influence on corresponding grape varietals
  4. Old WorldSummarize the geographic, geological, and climatic attributes regarding the major Old World wine producing areas (France, Italy, Spain and Germany) and their influence on corresponding grape varietals
  5. Sparkling WineExplain production methods and styles of sparkling wine
  6. Fortified WineExplain production methods and styles of fortified wine
  7. ServiceDemonstrate professional beverage service that includes proper table-side service of sparkling wine



$1,320. Includes all tastings and course materials including a copy of the primary textbook, The Essentials of Wine with Food Pairing Techniques by John Laloganes.


Nine weeks of 45 total hours of hands-on instruction and assessment. Upon successful completion of the requirements in this course, the participant will be awarded the Wine Steward Certification.