Wines of Setubal Seminar/Lunch - Austin, TX (Wednesday, October 16)

Wines of Setubal is coming to Austin for a seminar/lunch led by Stephanie Baird. Five producers are coming to Austin to showcase their wines in an intimate setting! Enjoy the delicious Moscatel de Setubal as well as other wines produced in the region and see how well they pair with food. 

Wednesday, October 16th

11:00am - 2:00pm

The Bonneville Restaurant, 202 West Cesar Chavez, Austin, Texas 78701

The Wines of the Setubal Peninsula are as fortified and balanced as the Region where they are from, a Region where Mother Nature was lavish and capricious: two peninsulas "designed" by the two largest Portuguese estuaries: Tejo and Sado; the proximity to the sea joined with a clearly Mediterranean influence; the cradle of the most planted Portuguese red grape variety; a unique geological formation for the civilization of the vineyard and a liqeur wine that continues being appreciated and recognized in the four corners of the world, our precious Moscatel de Setubal!

The wine region of the Setubal Peninsual extends throughout the whole District of Setubal, which covers the area between Almada and the southern extremity of the SAntiago do CAcem; just a 20 minute ride from Lisbon, crossing one of the bridges that connects Lisbon to the south of Portugal. To the west, the demarcation of the Region is the Atlantic Ocean and the Arrabida mountain range. This diversity is responsible for the unique features of the Wines of the Setubal Peninsula: fresh, elegant and balanced - a completely singular combination between wines that are clearly Atlantic and those that are markedly Mediterranean. 

Setubal is best known for the production of the Moscatel de Setubal, but due to its characteristics, Setubal also grows a large diversity of grape varieties, such as Castelao, our major red grape variety. Join five producers and explore the outstanding quality and diversity of the wines.

Participating Wineries:


Jose Maria de Fonseca


Casa Ermelinda Freitas

Fernao Po Adega Winery

Space is limited!  Please rsvp by emailing or call 310-651-8796