SOMM360 Bootcamp and Austria Masterclass - NYC - 18 Nov 2019

SOMM360 Bootcamp - 18 November 2019 - 9 to 5 PM  - Capsule Studio NYC, 873 Broadway Loft 204, New York, NY 10003

In 2019, SOMM360 heads out on the SOMM360 BOOTCAMP WORLD TOUR, with stops in Los Angeles, New York, Montreal, Toronto, Vancouver, London, Paris, Shanghai, and Hong Kong. SOMM360 is a non-profit organization; its objectives are to support and assist wine industry professionals from all over the world with continuing education as they pursue various types of accreditations (MS, MW, WSET, etc.) and train for sommelier competitions. 

As part of SOMM360's NY Bootcamp, the Austrian Wine Marketing Board and Jesse Becker MS will present an Austria Masterclass "From Taverns to Quality Leader" from 9:30 to 10:45 AM. Austria’s wine industry rose from its alpine traditions to a global quality leader in just a few short decades. Master Sommelier Jesse Becker will guide us through Austria’s remarkable journey “From Taverns to Quality Leader.” For more information, see the invitation (attached) and visit: