Toronto Public Tasting Group

A project that's been a long time coming. The Tasting Assembly (The TA) is a series of masterclasses that run every other Sunday at 1 PM.
We had an impressively successful soft launch focused on spirits on February 24 (and recently held another spirits session, by request, on May 14).

It's led by Alec Merkt-Caprile, geared towards WSET Diploma and CMS Advanced students, but open to anyone with WSET Level 3 (Advanced)/ CMS Level 2 (Certified)/ equivalent or higher.

More detailed information can be found..
on the event page:
on our Facebook page:
and/or on the Eventbrite page:


As far as spirits goes: Alec passed the Diploma Spirits unit with distinction over two years ago. He went on to get 97% on SWE's Certified Specialist of Spirits; and is now working towards the Certified Spirits Educator. He's been the Spirits Advocate for the LCBO's most high-end location, and has over a decade's-worth of experience bartending in various different types of venues.
His focus is on wine right now (put Advanced on hold while he pursues the MW and CWE).. but he is plenty qualified to lead a spirits tasting for professionals as well.

For more information and to register, please follow this link:


All the best,


@AMCWnS   @amerktcaprile

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