Toronto Public Tasting Group

The Tasting Assembly (The TA) is a series of masterclasses that run every other Sunday at 1 PM, hosted at SARA Restaurant.

Toronto's public tasting group/ masterclasses for advanced wine professionals, The Tasting Assembly (The TA) is meant as a service to the community. It strives to create a more well-rounded professional, and is complemented with sessions focused on non-wine categories.

The TA is run at cost for the benefit of those that want to experience guided, comparative tastings like none we've ever been privy to. They are designed for round-table discussion, as we each have our own strengths and weaknesses and are sensitive to different aspects when tasting as well. Each session, each flight within the sessions, and each product within the flights are specially chosen and engineered to help develop our palates.

The forum is open to anyone at a suitable level; and we believe every industry professional can benefit from enhancing their knowledge and/or reviewing.

It's led by Alec Merkt-Caprile, a Stage 2 Master of Wine student and candidate for a few other designations (including the CWE and CSE) who has earned the highest grade in the world on a number of bev. alcohol accreditations, and spent time in countless breweries, distilleries, and wine regions around the world.

Alec is a multi-certified beverage alcohol professional with advanced accreditation in spirits, sake, and beer as well. He’s taught at George Brown, has been hired and trained as an instructor for IWEG and Fine Vintage, and had extensive experience teaching and training before entering the wine industry.

We welcome you to join us! Our next session is Sunday, December 8.

*Note: Starting Nov. 17, The Tasting Assembly will begin supporting charitable programs, with bee conservation being our first endeavor.

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  • Our next exciting forum, The Crémant Showdown, is on December 8! This will be our last session for the year. We will be resuming mid-January.

    We've currently got 15 bottles (
    seven between $25 - $35) lined up for The Crémant Showdown [including two Blanquette and one Clairette (not to be confused with clairet or claret.. Don't know the difference? You should probably come out to The TA!)].
    ome on Sunday for a chance to taste, compare, and explore!

    *Note: The Tasting Assembly has begun supporting charitable programs, with bee conservation being our first endeavor. Come help save yourself, save the bees, and save the world, all while enjoying an exclusive masterclass!

    Reserve your seat today:

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