Heathen Wine Tours......Umbria, Friuli and more May 19-25

From central Italy comes the region of Umbria and some of the most age-worthy, powerful, rustic wines in small countryside settings. We'll experience the beautiful hilltop town of Montefalco while we travel the back roads in search of some of the most renown winemakers in the world. No mass production wines here just savory, authentic and hidden treasures that will reinvent the way you think about wine and pasta in the rest of Italy. Our home for our time here will be a renovated farm resort dating back to the 17th century in the midst of vineyards, olive trees and forest; Le Terre Di Poreta. We'll visit the best wineries in the region Paolo Bea, Antonelli and more and make our own bread, pasta and dessert for lunch in the cellars!

Up to the Northeast region of Friuli on the border of Slovenia comes a wine region that produces so much more then Pinot Grigio. We will explore indigenous grapes that makes some of the best red and white wines in the world and some amazing unknown bubbles with insane food and people. That's right, I think half the winemakers here are insane which will make our time with them that much more fun. We'll stay in a castle with origins dating back to 1200 and was the old stomping grounds of the Original Gangster of Love Mr. Casanova himself. Castello di Spessa in Friuli. We'll climb into the Collio (hills) on the northern border of Italy to discover unknown grapes with tiny productions. We'll visit a 16th generation Prosciutto producer for a tasting and discovery of the entire process. We'll also visit one of the most traditional and revered family run restaurants (La Frasca) in the region with the Scarbolo family. And since we are this close to Slovenia, perhaps we should go have a meal with the best winemaker and winery in Slovenia, our old friend Ales from Movia Winery in Brda! And as always more surprises to come.



A culinary and wine lovers dream trip stacked tall with scenic countryside, unforgettable wines, indigenous foods and most importantly time spent with the people and land that provide them all. Another can't miss trip of a lifetime!

Single rooms $4300 per person

Double rooms $3900 per person

50% down payment by March 1st and the rest by May 1st, 2019.......Grazie Mille!