Trade Tasting: OG Austria Wine Collective Mon, Nov 12 from 7pm - 11pm

Monday, Nov 12 from 7pm to 11pm: 
The OG Austria Collective presents SIMPLY PURE: A Pop-up Journey to Purity Through Diversity
From the combined forces of Heather Meyer (Winemonger), Jodi Stern (Winebow), Daniel Hubbard (M.S.Walker) and the inimitable Monika Caha (Frederick Wildman, Jenny & François, etc):
This walk around tasting is a window into the diverse and often times categorized methods many producers are taking to achieve purity through natural farming.

Already in 1927, Austria was at the forefront of building the first certified organic farm through the work of Rudolf Steiner. Today over 20% of total farmland in Austria is certified organic, which is also one of the highest percentage in the EU.

We challenge the trade to see farming and viticulture in a light of a collective vision of purity versus a dogmatic approach to numbers or categories that simply justify rather promote expression and achievement in showcasing terroir and work.

Enjoy our Heurigen atmosphere and fare! We have selected 8 examples from each importer of various methods of farming all from organic, biodynamic and beyond.

An RSVP must be confirmed as space is limited.