Become a certified Italian Wine Ambassador to the world with Vinitaly International Academy in New York!

The Vinitaly International Academy Italian Wine Ambassador Certification Course will be taking place in Midtown Manhattan, New York at 3 West Club. An exceptionally well thought out and informative 5 day class taught by highly experienced and knowledgeable instructors, the VIA Certification Course is designed to give students the confidence to become adept Ambassadors of Italian wine.

The Course provides students with a solid foundation, enabling them to build long-term careers in the wine sector. The course entails 4 full days of lecture with an exam on the fifth and final day. There will be a series of Tasting Labs and Guided Tastings following each lecture, allowing students to taste as many wines as possible. The Tasting Labs will be in buffet-style form, while the Guided Tastings will be more instructional in nature.

There will be a focus on the native grapes of Italy, moving region by region through Italy, combined with teachings on food, wine and Italian culture, giving students a well-rounded experience. Students will have the opportunity to learn and gain a deeper understanding of each Italian grape variety and wine, as well as gain confidence in speaking about the various characteristics of wine to a broader audience.

The class will hold 30 students and will be taught in English.

Light lunch and coffee breaks will be provided for students each day.

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The registration deadline is June 1st.

Registration fee: 600 euros

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