Sept 15, Philadelphia: Georgian Wine & BBQ

We’re having a Georgian BBQ, featuring wines and cuisine from the Republic of Georgia!

Join us in the garden at Jet Wine Bar where we’ll have wines of all styles and regions to taste and buy by the glass or bottle, to drink in with our Georgian Pkhali and grilled meats, or to take home!

o   Traditional qvevri wines

o   “Western style” wines made in stainless steel and oak.

o   Wines from the western region of Imereti, central Kartli, and eastern Kakheti

o   Special cocktail made from Georgian sparkling Brut

Did you know that evidence for winemaking in Georgia goes back 8000 years? Well, it does.  The modern industry makes many nods to the past, including the very traditional use of underground clay jars, known as Qvevri. This technique earned Unesco “heritage” status in 2013, and is now mimicked by winemakers around the world.

To help learn about and enjoy these wines, Lisa Granik, MW, will be with us. Not only is Lisa a Master of Wine (thus the “MW”), she is the foremost authority on Georgian wine in the United States- expertise which is intertwined with her extensive knowledge of Eastern European culture and history.

Where: Jet Wine Bar, 1525 South Street - in the wine garden

When: September 15th, 3-8 pm

How Much?: PAYG