Atlanta's Best Sommelier!

It's that time again and we are searching for Atlanta's Best Sommelier! The preliminary exam is now available to everyone in Georgia working in restaurants, retail, night clubs, hotels or just about anywhere with the exceptions of distributors or suppliers! If you are not a part of the On or Off Premise trade then please enter and recommend this to anyone you know who would be interested in competing. This is welcome to anyone in Georgia- and the prizes are going to be more than just "bragging rights"! 
The exam is a timed 100 question exam that is primarily multiple choice with a few short answer "fill in the blank" type questions. Spelling does count for the short answer questions though we are not particular about capitalization. 
The top finalists will then compete on September 24 at City Winery in front of a live crowd. The final will include everything from service scenarios to blind tasting to even more fun and exciting questions! 
The period for taking the preliminary exam will end on Tuesday, September 11. You have one chance to take it so please make sure you have a secure internet connection when you begin. Also, please enter your name or we won't know who is entering! 

Taste of Atlanta’s 4th Annual Best Sommelier Competition


Join Taste of Atlanta for your chance to enjoy food and wine tastings. Watch and learn from five Atlanta Sommeliers as they compete for the title of Atlanta’s Best Sommelier. The competition, held at City Winery, will highlight three categories: wine service, blind tasting and theory. The evening promises to be both entertaining and educational.