Celebrate (a little belatedly) Malbec World Day! Monday, April 30 (1-3PM) at SF Wine School in San Francisco

Whoever thought Argentinian Malbec was a one hit wonder or passing trend need only look at its market dominance over the past few years.  Today, It is the 4th top selling red variety in the USA, and is deeply embedded in the DNA of American restaurants and retailers. Malbec is hot, hotter, hottest! What has changed over the past few years is how increasingly focused, site specific, and well crafted so many of these wines have become. 

In recognition of this ongoing achievement, Wines of Argentina has declared April 17th as Malbec World Day to celebrate the most significant moment in the history of Malbec in Argentina. On April 17th, 1853, the Governor of Mendoza presented a plan to create an agronomical farm and an agricultural school in Mendoza. Prominent French agricultural engineer Michel Aimé Pouget was enlisted and introduced new varieties to the region, of which the most celebrated is Malbec. And the rest, as they say, is history.

In celebration of Malbec World Day, we will be holding an ALL Malbec Master Class with Wines of Argentina on April 30th at San Francisco Wine School. Hosted by Evan Goldstein MS, the event will kick off at 1:00 PM and will feature a baker’s dozen of Malbec producers covering a wide range of styles and regions.

APRIL 30, 2018

1:00-3:00 PM

415 GRAND AVE, STE 301

RSVP: sommelier@fullcirclewinesolutions.com
Complimentary for restaurant/retail wine buyers, sommeliers, and journalists by invitation only; valid business card required. 
Space is limited and advance registration is mandatory.