October Master Classes with Tim Gaiser, MS at Napa Valley Wine Academy

Hello everyone, I’ll be back in Napa in next month to teach three day-long master classes in the SommDay Series at the Napa Valley Wine Academy. Two of the classes focus on tasting and the third on service.

 October 10th - Introduction to Tasting: a daylong introduction to professional tasting. We’ll cover the basics of how to look at, smell, and taste wine using the deductive tasting method and grid. We’ll taste four flights of wine of classic wines to explore the concepts of old vs. new world style, how to consistently calibrate structural elements, food and wine pairing, and much more. This class is a great introduction to tasting if you are just starting your journey in wine.

October 11th – Service Class: a hands-on master class on formal wine service. We’ll cover the basics of mise-en place, still wine service, Champagne service, and decanting. We’ll also discuss the role and demeanor of a professional sommelier in the context of a service team, as well as other service-related concepts including pyscho-geography and successful communication patterns for tableside sales. During the class, I will be personally coaching attendees in all aspects of formal wine service. I highly recommend this class to anyone taking the Certified Sommelier exam—especially those without a background in the restaurant industry.

October 12th – Advanced Tasting: a deep dive into professional tasting. We’ll continue work with the deductive tasting method and grid but the day’s emphasis will be on two advanced concepts: first, Cause and Effect, or why any given wine looks, smells, and tastes the way it does. Second, Impact Compounds, or the group of 25-30 aromas/flavors in classic grapes and wines that are vital for any student to become a proficient professional taster. During the class, I’ll also introduce multiple strategies from my ongoing tasting project including eye positions and their role in tasting, internal imaging and olfactory and palate memory, and visual cues for calibrating structural elements. I highly recommend the Advanced Tasting Class for anyone on either the WSET or Master Sommelier exam track.

I hope you can join me for these fun, information-packed master classes. For more information and how to register, please use the following link:


*Note: these classes and the Napa Valley Wine Academy are not affiliated with, nor are endorsed by, the Court of Master Sommeliers, Americas or the WSET.