Wine Fraud & Counterfeiting Presentation & Training - SF, Feb. 26 - March 1

Wine Fraud and Counterfeiting Presentation & Authentication Training

Levels I and II


Collector Seminar and Bottle Authentication Clinic


February 26th through March 1st, San Francisco


Monday, February 26th: The Four Seasons

9AM – 12PM: Wine Fraud and Counterfeiting Presentation

12PM – 1PM: Lunch for Level I Training Attendees

1PM – 5PM: Authentication Training Level I


Tuesday, February 27th and Thursday, March 1st: The Wine Cellar at Wingtip Club

9:30AM – 5PM: Authentication Training Level II*

12PM – 1PM: Lunch (Included)


Wednesday, February 28th: The Wine Cellar at Wingtip Club

5:00PM – 7:30PM: Collector Seminar and Bottle Authentication Clinic

5:00PM – 5:30PM: Champagne and Canapés Reception

5:30PM – 7:30PM: Seminar, Tasting and Workshop


*Presentation and Level I attendance is required for Level II attendance.

Authentication Training Level II is limited to keep the group small.



Wine Fraud and TCM Wine Authentication® Presentation

This morning session reviews the history of wine fraud, beginning in ancient times, through the more recent Rodenstock, Kurniawan and Iugov counterfeit cases, including the frauds that we expose and help to prosecute today. We discuss the numerous ways that villainous vendors and malicious merchants in the wine industry defraud fellow merchants and consumers alike. We outline the different types of bottle counterfeiting, as well as introduce the primary authentication techniques that we use to reveal them.


TCM Wine Authentication® Workshop: Training Level I

This is the essential first-step training for anyone who collects, or works with fine and rare wine--or is curious about wine authentication. Level I touches on many aspects of the bottle and the major topics of counterfeiting and authentication. We delve into the subjects of ink, print, and ageing, as well as introduce more sophisticated authentication methods. We encourage attendees to bring a bottle or two for authentication workshopping. Attendees receive a starter, take-home authentication toolkit. Lunch is provided. Attendee work history and two professional references are required. Presentation attendance is a prerequisite.


TCM Wine Authentication® Workshop: Training Level II

This day-long intensive serves serious wine collectors, those who should authenticate wine in the workplace, and those who seek to become professional authenticators. We expand significantly on the subjects covered in Level I and introduce new and more complex subject matter. We share our in-depth insights into how counterfeiters make their bottles—from false ageing to sales dupes. We explain how we root out the fakes, the fakers themselves, and their sales channels. We analyze current anti-fraud efforts and teach what to look for in assessing the most highly counterfeited wines of the last two decades—with a particular focus on the current anti-fraud measures employed by the most sought-after producers. We spend much of the day using trade tools for the hands-on comparison of counterfeits (from our extensive collection of fakes) with authentic examples, in addition to workshopping with attendees’ own bottles. Participants gain a more thorough understanding of the authentication process and can start on the path to becoming TCM Certified Authenticators®. We encourage attendees to bring an additional bottle for two for use in the hands-on workshopping. Level II take-home toolkits build on those handed out in Level I, with even more sophisticated and handy gadgets. Lunch is provided. Wine Fraud and Counterfeiting Presentation and Level I training attendance are a prerequisite for Level II training. Attendee work history and two professional references are required.


Collector Seminar and Bottle Authentication Clinic

Our first session designed to meet the specific needs and interests of collectors! Champagne and canapés service will give way to a brief presentation detailing the risks and tells of today’s most sought after—and widely counterfeited--producers. Each attendee will then work with Maureen and other members of our authentication team to asses a bottle from his/her own collection. Attendees will receive take-home tools for bottle inspection; a free, week-long trial subscription to; and a discounted price on formal inspection and reporting for any bottles deemed possibly counterfeit during this session. Throughout the evening, we will pour vintage wines from a number of renowned Burgundy estates. We also encourage participants to bring a bottle (or two) to share with friends.


We reserve the right to refuse admission.


Please note that verbal opinions given regarding bottle authenticity are confidential and cannot be used for litigation and/or remuneration purposes.


Pricing and registration details are available on our Presentations and Training page.


Future course offerings:

February, 2019 — Hong Kong

April/May, 2020 — London