What to take from less significant DOC's/AOP's

I'm making flashcards and want to include important facts to memorize for example the year the DOC/AOP/AVA, etc. is established, communes of production, unique regional laws, minimum plant density.. it goes on. What else should I be including? What should I not include? I'm looking at the guildsomm compendium's smaller less important DOCs and an example is Controguerra DOC and the many "varietal" wine blends, many different styles' aging requirements as too much unnecessary info for an advanced exam.

In general, I'll take and write down info more often than not, but I don't want to skip over anything and I know it all helps me down the road anyways. Appreciate any advice.


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  • If you are in the beginning stages of court then don't over complicate the process. I would suggest printing out every study guide on the guild, highlighting important information (regions, soil types, grapes, aging requirements, foreign terms. Make sure that if you are making flashcards that they be read in both directions. Otherwise you will memorize the flash cards but not absorb the material. I might recommend bugging either Arturo or Bernie to give you guidance. You have great resources at your disposal. Also, remember that having a floor presence is equally important if you want to be a sommelier in the traditional sense of the word. There is nothing worse than a somm that has never been a back waiter or captain. If you don't have both court vision and humility, then all the flashcards are for nothing.