Topic of the Week 5/14/18 - Advanced

Thank you for , , , and for contributing to last week's discussion on Palo Cortado! Geoff also left an important note on the end so be sure to take a peek if you missed it!

This week: Cool Climate Viticulture

Describe methods vineyard managers can use to encourage ripening in cooler climates and growing years.

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  • First choosing the right grapes that can withstand the cooler weather is critical.  More whites can handle cooler (and cold) climates than reds. The location is obviously imperative, avoiding low spots where there might be cold pockets, planting in soils that hold heat in at night, not over-cropping and removing before frost hits, using smaller vines will carry less fruit therefore usually ripen earlier.  I think most good vineyard managers do a ton of research on the climate before planting and the track record of that site, and putting prevention strategies in place in case of hazardous conditions. 

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