Topic of the Week 5/14/18 - Advanced

Thank you for , , , and for contributing to last week's discussion on Palo Cortado! Geoff also left an important note on the end so be sure to take a peek if you missed it!

This week: Cool Climate Viticulture

Describe methods vineyard managers can use to encourage ripening in cooler climates and growing years.

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  • Vertical Shoot Positioning, just to piggyback on Jeremy's response, is commonly used in cool climate viticulture to mitigate risk of fungal disease [better air circulation] as well as to provide greater sunlight exposure to the fruiting zone.  Within VSP, shoots are trained in a vertical fashion along guide wires.  With proper canopy management, the fruit is healthier and the earlier sun expose during the growing season encourages even ripening within the grape bunches. 

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