Topic of the Week 5/14/18 - Advanced

Thank you for , , , and for contributing to last week's discussion on Palo Cortado! Geoff also left an important note on the end so be sure to take a peek if you missed it!

This week: Cool Climate Viticulture

Describe methods vineyard managers can use to encourage ripening in cooler climates and growing years.

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  • Along with choosing the specific vineyard site and appropriate varietals, comes one of the most important decisions of all: how close to plant the vines/row spacing - both between and within rows. Other important decisions are rootstock selection and trellising techniques. 

    Also, the practice of fruit thinning aka "green harvesting" (vendange verte in French) originally evolved in high-end estates in cooler growing regions and slowly diffused out to the rest of the grape-growing world. This has been a fairly new phenomenon, developed in the past 30 years or so. If done early enough before veraison, may result in darker, more concentrated and riper wines. 

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