Topic of the Week 11/4/2018 - Advanced

All I want is oysters, cheese and poached lobster after reading all about Montmains last week from . Well done!

This week: Since Jeremy was the sole champion last week, let's see who can hang with him in describing the  major geology of The Rocks District of Milton-Freewater AVA


  • Well, most of this is covered but I'll just add that the region has a long history of agriculture to include large strawberries, cherries, apples, plums, etc. due to its well drained alluvial soils, and the warm climate that could radiate off the basalt rocks of the area.  The Rocks, as it pertains to vineyards, was kind of discovered by accident by the now famous Christopher Baron of Cayuse Vineyards who was traveling through the area, with plans to move to the Willamette Valley to grow Pinot Noir. He was intrigued with the rocky terrain and despite discouraging words from others he opted to make a go of it as it was quite similar to his roots in the CDP region. Hence, the bigger bolder styles of wine that come from this area, like Syrah and GSM's, which grow wonderfully here.

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