Climate question: Australia. Adelaide Hills vs. Fleurieu/McLaren Vale

Hey Guy and Gals,

I was reading the GuildSomm study guide for Australia.  The guide describes the climate for Fleurieu/McLaren ares as "...essentially Mediterranean."   A few sentences later, the guide describes the Adelaide Hills GI as a " maritime climate."    

On the Australian wine map, the Fleurieu/McLaren Vale area seems to be situated right on the coast incorporating Kangaroo Island, and the coastal area south of Adelaide including Aldinga Beach and Victor Harbor.  The Adelaide Hills GI appears to be situated just behind and more inland from  the Fleurieu/McLaren Vale areas. 

The Intro book describes a maritime climate as marked by "mild temperatures" and "influenced by a large body of water."   The definition for Mediterranean climate includes summers that are hot and dry aside from the immediate coastal area where summers are milder due to coastal currents.

The issue I'm having understanding how the Adelaide Hills Gi, which is further inland would be "Maritime" while the Fleurieu/McLaren Vale areas right on the coast would be Mediterranean.  

In my experience with places like the central coast in California like Monterey/Carmel, the areas down by the coast are the coolest, wettest and most foggy while anything further inland like Carmel Valley, is warmer, less foggy and more stable in terms of overall climate.

Does anyone have any direct experience visiting McLaren Vale and the Adelaide Hills?