Topic of the Week 12/11/2018 - Advanced

Nice job tackling a difficult topic last week on phenolic bitterness from , , , and .

This week: Calvados producers

Name 3 and state why you like them!

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  • Adrien Camut producing Pays d'Auge AOC - The first Calvados I fell in love with, all estate grown apples. 

    Massenez producing Calvados AOC - I mean the apple in the bottle just brings me back to my childhood and reminds me of the model ships in bottles. The wonder and amazement of how do they do THAT. call me a sucker. 

    Second on the Lemorton - Domfrontais AOC- The high percentage of pear does produce, in my opinion a more elegant eau-de-vie which indeed, is quite noticeable. I enjoy the fact they age for many years  and hold back to release vintage sku's. 

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