Topic of the Week 12/11/2018 - Advanced

Nice job tackling a difficult topic last week on phenolic bitterness from , , , and .

This week: Calvados producers

Name 3 and state why you like them!

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  • Chateau de Breuil 15 Year Old Pays D'Auge- Because I happened to have a glass with dinner tonight- and then read this.  Really dry, actually sort of tannic, with beautiful aromas of baked apple, vanilla, hint of pear.  Very rich and an easy transition for me from bourbon.  Opened up beautifully as it watered down with one big ice cube and showed much more complexity, cinammon, spice, even a bit floral, apple blossom.

    I don't know a lot about Calvados beyond the basics but now I love this brand and just read that they own 22,000 apple trees that surround their castle, where the Calvados is made. So I'm drinking brandy from a castle.

    They do mention that this is usually made with around 80% fallen apples (higher sugar content) and ~12% pears.  Chateau de Breuil makes their own cider (a lot of houses buy cider) and controls every step of the production process.

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