Topic of the Week 12/18/2018 - Advanced

Calvados just might be my favorite winter time sipper! Thanks for the producer recommendations , , , , and .

This week: Sub zones of Muscadet Sèvre-et-Maine

What are they and what are the soils/characteristics/etc plus name a producer of each.

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  • Any idea when the other 7 crus (Chateau Thebaud, Champtoceaux, Goulaine, La Haye Fouassière, Mouzillon-Tillières, Monnières-Saint-Fiacre and Vallet) start coming on line? I've seen a couple of them on labels already (an unhealthy obsession with Muscadet will find oneself in strange places), buy they are't official. 

    Some favorite bottlings:

    Clisson- Domaine de la Fruitier

    Gorges- Vincent Caille

    Let Pallet- ??? The one Ryan mentioned is the only I've ever seen. It's good, but this is clearly a second tier Cru. 

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