Sri Lankan Arrack

I just traveled to Sri Lanka for vacation and had the pleasure of learning and tasting Ceylon Arrack which is an alcoholic spirit made from the fermented sap of the coconut flower of palm trees.  I read it is the best expression of Arrack in the entire world from this Asian Island.  The Sri Lankans love to drink it mixed with elephant house ginger beer especially but also Red Bull.  It tastes similar to tequila more than anything else; VERY strong and almost harsh, keeping a lot of the original characteristics.  You don't get the impression of a lot of distillation.  Anyone else experience it/have opinions on it?   Just curious because it doesn't appear to be mentioned anywhere here on guildsomm yet so I thought I'd throw it in to the conversation!  If you ever travel there (and I highly recommend it) I do hope you'll try it!