Advanced Course April 15-17 2019 Dallas TX

Trying to connect with driven Somms attending the Advanced Course in Dallas this Spring. Would anyone be open to starting a study group or sharing their tips on preparing for the course? 

Anyone who has attended the course, do you have any strategies to get the most out of the experience?

Thanks in advance!


  • Did they send out the syllabus yet? I followed that to brush up on the topics we'd be covering. Try to blind taste as much as you can. The tasting breakouts with the Masters can be a little unnerving at first, but they needn't be. They do a fantastic progression with the tasting exercises, pairing you with a partner and things like that. It's not till the last day that you are talking through the grid from start to finish in front of the table on your own. I'd do a unit on varietal characteristics to prepare for the tastings as well. Above all, get psyched. It's a truly phenomenal experience. As they will emphasize to you, THERE IS NO TEST. Enjoy the experience. You're going to taste some amazing wines and get so much knowledge in the lectures. I wish I could do it all over again.

  • Thanks for your tips Scott. No Syllabus yet but I'll share it on this thread once I receive it!

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