Advanced Exam Steps

Hello All,

I just passed my certified exam last week and would really like to go full-throttle so to speak with regards to moving forward towards the advanced.  I just began studying wine a year ago, and set a goal to pass the certified in a year and did so.  I'd like to set a hard date goal for my advanced certification as that is always one of my best motivators with regards to putting in time and effort.

As far as applying for the advanced course, is that only something I should do once I feel ready to take the advanced exam, or is the course more of a guide on how to prepare for the exam in the future?  The intro "course" was in tandem with the intro exam and I didn't know if the advanced course was conducted in the same format to a much greater extent.

Thanks for any input!


  • As regards to applying for the advance course you generally need to wait a full year after passing the certified before applying for the course. That's what it says on the court's website, now whether or not so people got in before waiting a year idk, I'm just basing what the site says. So right now your looking at best in the year 2020 for sitting at the advance course depending if you get accepted.

    When you apply for the advance course/test you need to fill out an application that you need to submit 3 references, where you work, if you work as a server, sommelier, manager or etc. If you don't work in the industry there's a spot indicating whether or not  you stage on the floor and if so where. It also asks you how much industry experience you have. This application along with the pre test will determine whether or not you get accepted to the advance course. It's all accounted for on who gets accepted for the advance course. There's also a possibly that you can get denied or wait listed or for the course. This year they only had 1 course which accepts about 100 people. After you finish the course they advise you generally waiting a full year before applying for the advance test. The test application is just like the course application and you can either get denied, approved or wait listed. 

    Now since you just passed certified I would keep the ball going and continue your studies. If you don't have any industry experience, I would apply for a job in the industry as a server, assistant sommelier, sommelier or etc because your going to need it. 

    Now the advance course is amazing. It's 3 days with seminars and break out tastings with Master Sommeliers. I would make sure you know your grid verbally when you go for your advance course. Other than that it's a great time and you get to meet people from all out the US who are just as passionate as you are. Hopefully this helps and good luck with your future studies.