Recommendations for digital versions of wine books

I know we all love lugging around giant, hardcover reference books, but I was wondering what everyone's favorite digital versions of wine books are. Personally, I like maps and illustrations in hardcopy form, but I have a few that I think work well on the kindle. For instance Robert Parker's "Wine's of the Rhone Valley" and Clive Coates' "The Wines of Burgundy" are two that I have enjoyed for a while in their digital forms. On the other hand a pure reference book like "Wine Grapes" just seemed not to work in the format for me. Any suggestions?

  • Oxford Companion is a great reference and great having it available on the phone app as well. I would recommend Benjamin Lewin MW's books on Kindle, they are very reasonable and have great producer profiles. 

  • I have the Wine Bible for Kindle and have found it usable except for the maps. I've scrounged around for free wine maps online and printed a few (and then forgot them when I traveled for the Intro...but still passed ). So like you, I like to read (or drink) and look at a map that's not on a screen.