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Crayères conversation with some awesome pictures last week from , , , , and .

This week: Food pairing with sweet wines

What are the general guidelines to utilizing sweet wines in a pairing? What is the latest killer pairing with sweet wine that you've had?

  • Michael killed it! Sweet goes with so many things besides sweet dessert! 

    My favorite was a Mosel auslese with the Szechuan peppers at Lionhead in Seattle. Frankly, the tactile sensation of the peppers really freaked me out and I thought I was being drugged, but the sweet, familiar Riesling comforted me through the experience. 

    A lightbulb moment for me happened with some really sharp local cheddar and Tuscan Vin Santo at a tasting. I didn’t fully understand the sweet/salt/fat combo, and was able to comprehend food in general better after stripping it down with that wine and cheese. 

  • That is such a weird sensation. I first had it in Australia at Spice Temple where they cook fish gently in oil with the peppercorns. By the end of the dish I couldn't taste much of anything for about 10 minutes!

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