Any idea when the Advanced online quizzes open up?

On the CMS website it still lists the dates for last year. Are we to expect a similar timeframe for this year?

They have (justifiable so) made the Advanced such a long process to get accepted in I want to make sure I do not waste a whole year by missing the online quiz

Thanks in advance

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  • Hi Joseph, the application period is usually in November. During the application process you select a date to take the quiz. Each date has designated time slots (usually 2 hours) during which the quiz is available. You get 10 minutes to answer roughly 40 questions, it goes real quick and is quite difficult. I personally have never made it through all the questions, but I have been accepted to the exam twice. Although I was the highest score at my Intro and also passed Certified first try, I applied for 7 years before being accepted, so yeah its competitive.