Topic of the Week 6/27/2019 - Advanced

We climbed the cobblestone streets of yesterday last week with Baga with the help of , (thanks for the awesome video!), and .

This week: Agave varieties used for Mezcal production

Name 4 and describe their typical character

  • A couple others in addition to those described by Hannah:

    Agave Arroqueño is a genetic parent of Espadín and has a similar flavor profile but more powerful fruit character of citrus, melon and cantaloupe, with some chocolate, cheesy, and vegetal notes. 

    Agave Tobalá grows in the wild at high elevations in the shade of oak trees (like truffles), and is much smaller than other agave plants. It is sweeter and fruity with tropical and spice notes such as mango and cinnamon. 

    Agave Karwinskii Includes the sub-species of Barril, Madrecuixe, and Cuixe, and is the most physically distinct of all the agave species. Unlike most agave plants which look like giant pineapples, with only the piña sourced, the Karwinskii species grows a vertical stalk and a skinnier vertical piña, and both the stalk and piña are harvested together for distilling. 

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