Topic of the Week 6/27/2019 - Advanced

We climbed the cobblestone streets of yesterday last week with Baga with the help of , (thanks for the awesome video!), and .

This week: Agave varieties used for Mezcal production

Name 4 and describe their typical character

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  • Mexicano also called Dobadan can take 10-12 years to mature and has a delicate, floral and honey-like flavor.

    Agave Tequilana, famous for Tequila is also used in Mezcal production and is a good representation of Tequila before the industry became heavily commercialized. Del Maguey makes one named San Luis Del Rio Azul.

    Low yielding and rarely made Alto can be quite funky with cheese aromas.

    Another low yielding variety, Salmiana can show chili pepper notes and green celery flavors. It's large, sometimes called the "green giant" and can take 25 years to reach maturity.

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