Topic of the Week 7/25/2019 - Advanced

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This week: Blending rules for Vinho Verde.

What are the current stipulations and what is going to change in the near future?

  • The Monção e Melgaço subregion (directly across the Minho River from Rias Biaxas) can produce 100% varietal Alvarinho, but the rest of Vinho Verde DOP currently requires the wine to be a blend. In addition to Alvarinho, white grapes include Loureiro, Trajadura (Treixadura), Avesso, and Pedernã (Arinto). A varietal Alvarinho outside of Monção e Melgaço currently cannot be Vinho Verde DOP, but must be labeled as Minho GI. However, as of the 2015 vintage, the region began a six-year transitional period at the end of which all wineries within the entire Vinho Verde region will be allowed to produce Vinho Verde DO Alvarinho.