Diamond creek vineyard map

Hello Everyone!

I recently came across this map on Diamond Creek Vineyards website which I found very useful.


With that map, I used it to find exactly where the vineyards were on google earth and took a screenshot for all of you with labels. I think it is a bit easier to digest if you see it with the goole earth version rather than the drawing. Regardless if you haven't ever seen the original map it could be helpful.

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  • Aspect is a it hard to see in this photo but it's worth knowing that Volcanic Hill and RRT face each other. Also, Lake is by far the most marginal site, being tucked into the forest along the creek drainage (and therefore in the path of the ocean fog and breezes that run along the creek), so the years it doesn't ripen sufficiently to warrant its own bottling it is blended into Gravelly Meadow.