MS Topic of the Week 9/27/2019 - Advanced

Primo En Primeur knowledge last week from , and . While I agree that eventually the system will go away, I don't think it's going to happen anytime soon as the courtiers hold a lot of power over the market still.

This week: Esca

How is this transmitted? What effects does it have on the vine? What are the solutions?

  • Esca as of 2018 is the most problematic threat in the french vineyards, (Champagne and Loire valley especially). The only cure, since Sodium Arsenite has been banned (in 2001) & the rise of natural treatment, is to use a saw. Slicing through the root to extract the contaminated area and see if it survives. It touches mostly young vine up to 10 years and old vines +30 years in average. It has impacted 11% of the national grape vines. This rate continues its upward trend and has spread trough Europe (Spain, Central & South Italy) where 60-80% of the older vineyards are ravaged by it.

  • When I was in Chablis where this is also a huge problem Domain Laroche showed me how they use the saw method to remove infected material. They're having a pretty high success rate with this method.

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