MS Topic of the Week 10/12/2019 - Advanced

Esca explanations last week from , , , and . Thanks all!

This week: 2nd wines of Pauillac

Name 3 and define how they differ from the grand vin.

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  • Fleur de Pedesclaux

    -Higher proportion of Merlot

    -More Soft/Silky Structure

    Reserve de la Comtesse

    -Would rank it as my top value 2nd label of Pauillac; The wines are slightly less structured than Pichon Comtesse, and in riper years like '09, they tend to be a little flabby, but in classic years, they outperform many of the Grand Vin of Pauillac

    Le Forts de Latour

    -Would say that Le Forts de Latour actually tastes more like a Pauillac than Chateau Latour, which is so dark and firmly tannic, that it resembles St. Estephe a bit more.  This is likely due to the Grand Vin seeing stainless steel fermentation, and minimal new oak for aging, whereas Les Forts sees a decent percentage of new oak.

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