MS Topic of the Week 12/18/2019 - Advanced

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This week: Gueuze

What is unique about this style? Where is it from? Name 3 producers.

  • Gueuze is a type of Lambic Beer from Belgium 

    What is unique about this beer: (its prodcution)  they blend old Lambic (usually 2-3yrs old) and Young Lambics (usually 1yr old)  to produce this style. The Young Lambic's typically have not fermented fully thus having a small amount of RS (residual sugar, also known as 'fermentable sugars'). Once bottled with the old Lambic the Beer undergoes a second fermentation in the bottle adding CO2 to the beer. 

    Producers include, but are not limited too:

    • Lindemans
    • Boon
    • Timmermans

  • I may add that unique to this style is its age-ability due in part to it’s high acidity and expression of place vis-a-vis wild yeast fermentation. Belgium is where it all started. 
    Without a doubt,  the most sought after brewery in this category is Cantillon and it’s array of delicious bottlelings. Fonteinen is another Belgian brewery.Domestically, Allagash produces a gueuze. 

  • I may add that the style is relatively modern, and was created in Pajottenland and the region surrounding Brussels in the second half of the 19th century, when machine-made bottles were available and taxes on them were eliminated. It was one of the first highly carbonated beers, as the glass bottles were capable of withstanding serious pressure. The word “Gueuze” likely comes from the English word “geyser” (or Old Norse “geysa” meaning “to gush”) to describe the vigorous fermentation. The flavor profile is funky, tart, and sour. The High Council for Artisanal Lambic Beers (HORAL) has objected to the traditional name “Gueuze” being used outside of Belgium, which is why U.S. craft brewers often market their interpretations of this style under other names, such as Allagash’s “Coolship Resurgam,” The Lost Abbey’s “Duck Duck Gooze,” and Jester King Brewery’s “SPON - Methode Traditionelle.”   

  • Interesting to note that Jester King at first released this beer as "Methode Gueuze" in 2016. it changed the name out of courtesy to "method Traditonelle" after the HORAL formally objected the nomeclature.