Winkler Scale

Hey all

I'm looking for a better and more simple explanation of the term that Winkler scales uses - like degree days, etc...

Is someone have something or can explain it by himself?

  • Okay I'll do my best...

    The "Winkler Scale" is also know as the California Heat Summation Index and is based on the idea of a "degree day." 50 degrees F is generally considered the minimum temperature for vine development, and is therefore used as a baseline. The scale is the sum of all average temperatures during the growing season, from April 1 through October 30, minus the 50F baseline.

    Degree Day = (High Temp + Low Temp)/2 - 50

    The sum of each Degree Day throughout the season gives you total Growing Degree Days (GDD). Specified ranges are what is used to classify the regions (1-5) of the Winkler Scale.

    Here's a link to an article discussing the Limitations of the Winkler Index for your reading pleasure.