Topic of the Week 10/9/17 - Introductory and Certified

Last week we posted about Mosel vineyards and the importance of their location. Unfortunately, we did not receive any responses! Take a peek at last week's post for more insight.

This week: Wine Law

What is Goria’s Law and what is its importance?

  • Goria's Law (1992) instituted the IGT designation system for Italian wines, thereby giving winemakers more freedom of expression and an alternative to the more heavily- restricted DOC/ DOCG designation systems.
  • The "Goria's Law" of 1992 was not created only to reestablish a framework for appellations. It also formally recognized the right of a consortium to govern it's appellations.

    The region that most swiftly adopted  the new law (with a good deal of internal political turmoil and two revisions) was Chianti Classico in 1996. In the first application of the law in Chianti Classico, The White Grape Minimum was reduced to 2%, and the allowable maximum of International or Non-Sangiovese varietals was raised from 10% to 15%. 

    In 2001, further changes were made in Chianti Classico under the new autonomy afforded the consortium by this law. White Grapes were removed altogether, and allowable foreign grapes were increased to 20%, however pure Sangiovese wines were allowed as well. With White Grape Growers facing significant loss from the elimination of White Grapes, the Consortium delivered a Vin Santo DOCG which provided Winegrowers an outlet for their white grapes. Additionally, there were other IGT's and DOC the growers could use to mitigate their losses. 

    For Purists, the most controversial outcome is the allowance of Foreign Grape Varietals and the Pure Sangiovese, rather than the traditional blend. It is widely viewed as an assault on the region's traditions and it's identity. 

    The question that burns in my mind is that as laws such as these continue to pop up all over the globe, will regions that have been regulated so tightly for decades change their blends so much that, compared to what we are familiar with now, will Regionally regulated blends will become unrecognizable?