Where do "Other" aromas/flavors go on the Cert Grid

We were tasting a Torrontes and couldn't get a consensus on where things like "hand soap" would fit on the Courts Certified Exam Grid. Unfortunately both on the compendium here and the Courts Deductive Tasting Workbook many of these aromas fall under "other" however there is no checkmark for "other" on the Cert grid. I argued that Hand Lotion/Soapy, Potpourri, Slight Musk Spice would go in Floral, but in many cases there are both separate floral notes and separate "other" notes alluded to in the compendium.

our tasting group was debating this yesterday so any help is lovely! 

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  • We also came across this question in a blind tasting group where the juniper, ginger, cardamom aromas in Gewurtztraminer would fall under "spice" on the Deductive Tasting Workbook but on the Certified Exam Grid this category is omitted. 

    Where would you place these on the grid?

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