Introductory Exam

Hello, i had a question for those who have taken the introductory course and Exam. I keep studying and going over the work book and taking the practice quizes and reviews on here, however some of the questions are things that were never explained in the workbook. For example the review in Southern Italy, the workbook only goes over Compania and its regions (no depth past the regions) and Etna DOC in Sicily. am i supposed to look into all the regions and subzones not covered in the workbook? Thanks for  the Help!

  • Know where Campania is and the important grapes, but sub-regions are not as important. At the intro level Campania is not nearly as important as the other major areas.

  • Our Masters made sure to tell us items to pay attention to from the Workbook. So I put huge stars next to them and then made flash cards of them. Obviously 2 days isn't a ton of time to memorize everything. I just passed mine. Debating the cert in may.

    You don't need memorize everything. Our test had like one question for each spirits, sake, beer, and fortified/sweet wines. The rest was mostly focused on the major regions, viti/vinification.