Intro and Certified Exams in Hong Kong (23rd to 25th April 2018) Syllabus

Hello all, 

I have been studying for my Intro and certified exam held in Hong Kong on the 23rd or February 2018. I was wondering if the syllabus indicated on the CMS website : (click on this link to view the CMS Syllabus in PDF) 

I have no doubt that the prep questions found on GuildSomm have been really very useful. 

My concern is, will it be safe for me to study the outlined syllabus on the CMS website and use it as a bench mark for the amount of knowledge i will need to absorb before the exam? Because it seems to me that the intermediate level prep questions on GuildSomm seem to go deeper than required by the CMS exams (which is also a good thing) 

The 'Sales & Service for the Wine professional 4th edition' book by Brian K. Julyan, MS does show nearly all of the required topics outlined by the CMS along with exercise question on the back (with answers). 

PS: I know that learning as much as possible is good and being more than ready or over-ready for an exam is brilliant. I would really love for someone to advice if the CMS syllabus indicated will be enough. 


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