Tasting group and/or theory partners in Atlanta

I just passed my Intro course a few days ago in Nashville, now I need to find a tasting group in Atlanta to get ready for Level 2.

I'm super happy to help others in regards to service, while also being able to enjoy practicing while training others in service.  And though I'm very comfortable studying theory on my own, I wouldn't mind sharing time studying with others who are also gearing up for level 2.

But, tasting is number 1 right now - if you have a tasting group and are looking for someone else to join, please let me know. If you don't have a tasting group and want to start one, also let me know.

Let's get this done!



  • Hi Jay, 

    Congrats on passing the intro! I just passed a few days ago and I need to start brushing up on tasting and my theory. I like studying theory mostly alone but need a group to help with blind tasting. I live in Savannah but I am willing to drive to Atlanta a few times a month for a solid tasting group. 


  • Hello!

    I passed my intro awhile back and need a solid tasting group to prepare me for the certified. I know of two others that are potentially interested in joining as well.

    I am always in for studying theory, but mostly need to get comfortable flowing through the grid.

    Down to make it happen!


  • Hey y'all. Starting a new group may be the best route, but if finding an established group of people in your community who have been there interests you, Check out SommSouth.org. 

    Jacob Gragg - jgragg@sommsouth.org

    Juan Cortez - jcortez@sommsouth.org

    Clarke Anderson - canderson@sommsouth.org

    Joon Lim - jlim@sommsouth.org

    Philip Burris - pburris@sommsouth.org"

  • Hello jason,

    My name is Mcswell and just moved to Atlanta from Los Angeles. I am wondering if you are still based in Atlanta and are currently involved in active tasting group. I am looking to join one let me know.

    Thank you 

  • Hello Mcswell, you're more than welcome to the open group on Mondays at No. 246 in Decatur at 10:30.  Bring a testable bottle and we will see you there!