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Hello all,

Quick inquiry, is ‘expert’ study guide and quizzes essential for level 2? 

  • Hey Kris,

    I didn't do much of the expert quizzes but I can give a little information about the certified examination. I just passed examination this May. I highly recommend that you know the key regions and their main grape varieties, even soils are being asked..get some map knowledge..you definitely have to know Chablis Grand Crus and if you put a couple premier in your pocket thats an advantage as well..Cru Beaujolais villages, Burgundy Grand Crus as much as you can..Burgundy important villages.. Bordeaux first growth some from the second is always good..Important rivers, mountain ranges and their impact on the region..Germany regions and regions important villages.. Austria regions and know about specially Wachau.. There will be at least one question from each wine country and region for sure! Sake, beer, other spirits you should know..and do not expect only multiple choice there are a lot of short answers and some simple math(Job of sommelier)..producers producers and producers.. They do ask producers maybe not in theory but for sure in service.. service turns into another theory examination full with producer questions(Not their specific wine making styles but you will recommend for a food a merlot and they will say what producer) Know about fortified wines and sake..you might be asked question about them even serve them..classic cocktails and ingredients, vodka producers, beer styles, digestives, aperitifs, whiskey styles... And Of course Champagne! regions, grapes, styles, another advice know most of the producers tete de cuves! I am not sure if I missed any points but thats all I remember for now. Remember you are going to be timed! Specially service will done in 10 minutes and you will be asked a lot of questions.. So never stop service to answer questions! Take it serious and don't go easy on yourself.. more you know better it is but if you don't know you won't make it.. Its a serious exam and you will definitely be nervous but be confident! Cut the answers as short as possible don't go deep and if you don't know the answer never make it up! Always remember its a restaurant and you have a very picky specific guest that you will need to make him/her happy just for 10 minutes. Right down  everything they say and of course repeat.. You are restaurant server again and again.. 

    I hope this information will help you a little so good luck! :))

  • Thanks so much! I'm about to take my certified in a week and a half and I'm freaking out! But your answer at least de-mystifies things a bit. Thank you! 

  • Service will be sparkling.  The questions will be quick, but it is fine to say "Let me check on that" or something like it.  Service is not another theory. The Court just wants to see your style and being cool under pressure.  Make sure your opening and pours are on time.  Good luck!

  • What do you mean by, "Make sure your opening and pours are on time'"?

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