CS Preparation & Tasting Groups New Orleans

Hello all! 

I just took my intro course and exam this past weekend in Houston, and am looking to start down the road towards the CS exam soon. I’m looking for any information or tips on what/how to study for this, what the format is, and also looking for any tasting groups or tasting events/classes in New Orleans that would be beneficial to this process and contribute to my overall knowledge. 


  • Hi, sorry for being off topic but any advice you can give regarding the Intro Course would be welcome.  I am going mid-November, thanks.

    Happy to help you out with Q&A, Skype flashcards etc. if you cannot find someone local (I am in Columbus, Ohio).


  • Hey Dustin,

    I'm based in New Orleans and just passed the CS in Bellevue, WA. I'd love to be a resource and help for you as you get ready for the exam. I taste semi-regularly with a few friends who aren't studying for CMS exams, so we don't always blind stuff, but I'd be happy to share the cost of some classic wines that are good for study and work with you on blind tasting. Shoot me an email anytime: alexcraigcornett@gmail.com